A beautiful woman with long brown hair wearing a burgundy dress with ruffled details, created using Stable Diffusion AI.

Beautiful Woman in Burgundy Dress

Image Description

Beautiful woman with long brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a burgundy dress with intricate ruffled details. The setting is indoors, with a blurred teal-colored painting in the background. The woman looks directly at the camera with a soft expression. The lighting is gentle, enhancing her natural beauty and the rich tones of the dress.


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Generation Parameters

breathtaking professional photography of MilaM ((a woman)) <lora:MilaM_SDXL_v1.05-step00005000:1> Long exposure photo of portrait, highly detailed, medium shot, 35mm, RAW, photoshoot, grit, texture, perky, (bleached, faded, cross processing, film grain, cinematic), bedroom, (wearing a fluffy frilly ruffled blouse:1.1), (flower in hair), cascade of (vivid dyed cabernet hair), fashionable updo hairstyle, relaxed, under lit, (highlight in bright eyes:1) kodak ektachrome kodak, film overlay filter . Blurred motion, streaks of light, surreal, dreamy, ghosting effect, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
bad-hands-5, CyberRealistic_Negative-neg, naked, nsfw, nude, topless, cleavage, mesh, erotic, cartoon ((hands))
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE Karras
CFG scale7

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