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(best quality:1.4), (exquisite masterpiece:1.4), (professional photography:1.4), (detailed full body:1.4), fabulous, classy, glamourous, multi-layers and textures variation, lifelike, angel face, lifelike, dress, 
(petite\(figure\):1.5), (adorable face:1.4), 1girl, [Asian:Norwegian:0.6], (shorty:1.4), (petite\(figure\):1.4), short eyebrows, frieren, (long silver hair:1.3), (small elf ears:1.55), (silver twintails:1.3), jewelry, elf, earrings, capelet, white capelet, long sleeves, parted bangs, dress, leather belt, 
exquisite detail complexion, flossy skin complexion, extreme detail facial features, shiny little blue eyes, extreme detail irises, symmetrical eyes, reflexive eyes retinas, medieval background, 
detailed eyebrows, detailed short eyelashes, (blushed:1.4), professional makeup, in his shirt, small hand, beautiful finger, (waist:1.4), abdomen, thighs, legs, boots,
exquisite body parts detailing, cherry nude\(makeup\), soft shadow, blended saturation, extreme clarify,
extremely detailed body, extremely intricate details, extremely detailed environment, maximalism in detail, dust particles, sub surface scattering, under shade, Tyndall effect, volumetric light,
blended saturation, noise reduction, visual compositional balancing, professional photography,
8k, extremely exquisite detailed, hyper detailed clothing textures, extremely high resolution, extremely high res, high resolution, highres, dramatic cinematic light, (outdoor surrounding:1.2), extremely explicit detail, extremely sharp focus,
HDR, DSLR, high dynamic color range, RAW Photo, 50mm lens, F/1.2, Shutter speed 1/200, ISO 50,
style by inoue takehiko  <lora:frieren:1>
Negative Prompt
painting, art, sketch, fake ears, cosplay outfit, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), bad quality, poor quality, low details, monochrome, grayscale, blurry, (logo:2), (signature:2), (white letters:2), (jpeg artifacts), asymmetric eyes, asymmetric face, wrinkle, merged body, weird body, mutation body, deformed, big head, long neck, extra limb, extra arm, extra leg, malformed limbs, beauty_mark, freckle, fleck, wart, skin spot, acne, abnormal hand, extra hand, mutated hand, abnormal finger, extra finger, mutated feet, malform feet, muscular, Inverted nipple, weird nipple, weird hand nail, ugly hand, ugly feet, backlight, anorexic, (morbid:1.21), (mutilated:1.4), (bad anatomy:1.5), (bad proportions:1.5), (disfigured:1.331), fused, contorted, conjoined, deformed, caricature, body horror, mutant,(((futa))):1.5, (plastic texture:2), (strong lighting:2.0), weird penis, weird nipple, weird tits, weird pussy, peeled out labia, (cat ears:2),
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale6

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