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[SMITHSONIAN] photo of a  [28 yo disfigured Hungarian woman], [side view], [moving towards through (antique shop)], [steadycam], (background motion blur)[adrenaline filled], [liminal flouresnt  and neon lighting], [high camera angle], [Nikon DSLR with wide angle lens], in the style of [Terminator movies]
 <lora:BetterHands:1> <lora:DepthOfFieldSliders:0.5> <lora:HDhelper:0.4> <lora:skinny_new_skin:0.4>
Negative Prompt
((3d,cartoon,paint,draw)),(muted colors:1.4). simple background, (extra fingers, deformed hands, polydactyl:1.3), ugly, (worst quality, low quality, poor quality, bad quality:1.35), artist logo, signature, mask, surgical mask, Framing, matte, border, print, text, Deformed Hands, Bilateral symmetry, full front view, cartoons, render, 3D, unrealistic, unreal, 3d, cartoon, anime, (deformed eyes, nose, ears, nose), bad anatomy, ugly, Deformed Hands, Bilateral symmetry, render, unrealistic, unreal engine , bhands-neg
CFG scale6

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