An AI generated image using Stable Diffusion showing an elegant woman with long dark hair, porcelain skin, and captivating brown eyes, wearing a cream-colored off-shoulder dress with intricate details.

Elegant woman with porcelain skin

Image Description

An elegant woman with long dark hair and porcelain skin gazes softly at the camera. She has captivating brown eyes highlighted with subtle eyeliner and natural-toned makeup. Dressed in a cream-colored off-shoulder dress adorned with intricate details, she appears delicate and graceful. The beige background further emphasizes her refined features.


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Generation Parameters

a fashion lookbook portrait of a female fashion model wearing haute couture, experimental, shot on kodak professional medium format film, liminal industrial background in, (smoke|sparkle:1.05), (dawn|dusk:1.05), (spring|summer:1.05), 1girl, no makeup, (close up:1.4), (nsfw:1.2), vibrant, Beige,  <lora:nankijin:0.9>
Negative Prompt
blush, blusher, lipstick, (makeup), (worst quality, low quality, normal quality:1.5), lowres, low resolution, bad anatomy, bad hands, bad body, bad proportions, gross proportions, extra limbs, malformed limbs, disfigured, deformed, (more than two arm per body:1.5), bad arm anatomy, extra arms, multiple arms, missing arms, (more than five fingers on one hand:1.5), bad hands anatomy, bad finger anatomy, malformed hands, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, mutated fingers, fused fingers, too many fingers, missing fingers, extra fingers, (more than two legs per body:1.5), (more than two feets per body:1.5), bad legs anatomy, poorly drawn legs, error legs, mutated legs, malformed legs, extra legs, fused legs, broken legs, multiple legs, no face, poorly drawn face, ugly mouth, ugly eyes, missing teeth, crooked teeth, strabismus, pimple, acne, mole, skin spot, double navel, plump, fat, muscular female, pubic hair, fused, cropped, out of frame, multiple view, reference sheet, painting, sketch, cartoon, illustration, drawing, anime, 2d, 3d, cg, cgi, render, semi-realistic, bad art
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale10

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