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Generate (point-of-view:1.5) an image centered around a attractive woman with average breasts and with wide hips and narrow waist and exuding an alluring physique that radiates warmth and sensuality. Her braided, lustrous hair cascades gracefully down her shoulders, enhancing her captivating presence. Her eyes are a striking and inviting feature, drawing viewers into her gaze with their soft, welcoming warmth. Long, dark eyelashes frame her eyes, emphasizing their captivating allure. Her face boasts delicate proportions, featuring a gentle blush on her cheeks, a small nose, and high cheekbones. Her plump lips are full and inviting, often curved into a warm and welcoming smile. Her skin is smooth and gloosy. The scene is set around a medieval mill courtyard, a charming and rustic wooden structure nestled in a tranquil forest. The mill's wooden structure enhances the rustic ambiance of the scene, and its waterwheel turns gently The buxom girl is positioned near the mill courtyard, engrossed in various house chores that connect her to the daily rhythm of country life. She may be seen tending to the mill's operation, handling sacks of flour, and organizing grains scattered around. These elements add depth to the image and convey her integral role in the mill's functioning. This image captures a timeless moment in the miller's life as she goes about her daily chores, embodying the beauty of rural life and the harmony between humanity, the mill, and the natural environment.<lora:more_details:1.0>
Negative Prompt
bad-hands-5, BadDream, FastNegativeEmbedding, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, window, windows, underwater, cloak, fat, muscular, bodybuilder, twisted body, curly hair, wavy hair, curls, braids, claws, stretched fingers, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, twisted spine, two bellybuttons, distorted bellybutton, duplicated bellybutton. hair to the floor, rapanuzel hair, long hair, latex, leather, bodysuit, twins, sisters, mirror image, duplicate, midget, child, childlike, office, tattoo, (wide hips:1.5), (voloputus), (curvy), 2girls, multiple person, collar, frills, maid outfit, night dress, nightgown, bikini, bed, bedroom, dominatrix, swimsuit, nightdress,, anime, manga, hentai, asian, japanese, chinese, (neck collar), (bowtie), big butt, fat butt, wide butt, bdsm, (wide thighs), (fat thighs), turtle-neck, polo-neck, golf, happy, positive, Asian-Less, dominatrix, latex, latex cloths, bdsm, big head, unproportional head, squint, junk, junkyard, big eyes, purse, bag, (((cars))), red eyes, bloodshot eyes, grey hair, blond hair, short chin, wide nostrils, wide nose bridge, tornado, upturned lips, blemishes, tropical, elf, scene, theatre, stage, (two heads), multiple persons, double image, two faces, multiple faces, gloves, manga, anime, ugly bellybutton, swollen bellybutton, multiple bellybuttons, NegfeetV2, Unspeakable-Horrors-Composition-4v, (((lamp))), (((bedroom))), (((horns))), (((underwear))), (((casual))), (((halo))), (monochrome) (black and white), (((swimming))),(standing in water)
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale9.5

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