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RAW photo, a full body flycam shot of x_megamanx looking at viewer, detailed helmet, android, buster cannon, angry, rage, infuriated, yelling, forest green eyes, geometric eyes, dilated pupils, blushing, freckles, blemishes, beauty marks, birthmarks, porous skin, clear skin, smooth skin, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, skin elasticity, oily skin, hydrated, goosebumps, hair follicles, detailed eyes, detailed skin, extremely detailed, thick character outline, 8k, absurdres, highres, high definition, HDR, UHD, best quality, masterpiece, film grains, old photo, torn photo, fujifilm xt, polaroid, retro, 1990s, 400 megapixels, DSLR, True Color, Vivid Color, crystal clear, <lora:polyhedron_skinny_all:0.37>, <lora:X_MegaMan_X_V-08:0.87>, cyberpunk city, tokyo, night city, skyscrapers, neon lights, cinematic lighting, athletic, sci-fi, superhero battle stance, huge muscles, abs, thick character outline, blurry background, reflective chrome armor,  <lora:GoodHands-beta2:0.37>, <lora:more_details:0.37>, detailed shadows, raining, wet, puddles, wet face, scratches, damage, small crowd, bright vibrant colors
Negative Prompt
worst quality, jpeg artifacts ,ugly, CyberRealistic_Negative-neg, camera, blurry, low resolution, standard definition, uncanny, weird, abnormal, disfigured, deformed, monochrome, blemishes, freckles, asymmetrical, unsymmetrical, close-up, close shot, eyes closed, sketch, art, facial hair, nsfw, nudity, hair
SamplerDPM adaptive
CFG scale7

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