Ethereal woman in a flowing white dress standing in a snowy landscape with a serene expression. AI generated image using stable diffusion.

Ethereal Woman in Snowy Landscape

Image Description

Ethereal woman with long, flowing dark hair standing in a snowy landscape. She is wearing a voluminous white dress that flows elegantly, blending with the snowy surroundings. The serene expression on her face gives a sense of peace and tranquility. Snowflakes are gently falling around her, creating a magical and dreamy atmosphere. The background showcases a clear blue sky and distant mountains covered in snow, adding to the enchanting scenery. The overall color palette is composed of soft blues and whites, enhancing the ethereal quality of the scene.


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Generation Parameters

Best quality,(masterpiece:1.2),cinematic photo,1girl,A beautiful girl in white hanfu, motion blur, (white and pink:1.2)
Hanfu girl, snowy mountaintop, traditional white attire, serene expression, delicate features, snowfall, frosty breath, snow-covered landscape, ethereal setting, misty clouds, realistic background, towering peaks, distant horizon, soft focus, dreamy atmosphere, soft lighting, subtle lens flare, enchanting ambiance, tranquil, winter wonderland, mystic, picturesque, magical, painterly, otherworldly, hazy, ethereal snowflakes.
Negative Prompt
text,watermark,worst quality:1.6,(low quality:1.6),(normal quality:1.6),lowres,bad anatomy,bad hands,vaginas in breasts,((monochrome)),((grayscale)),collapsed eyeshadow,multiple eyebrow,(cropped),oversaturated,extra limb,missing limbs,deformed hands,long neck,long body,imperfect,(bad hands),signature,watermark,username,artist name,conjoined fingers,deformed fingers,ugly eyes,imperfect eyes,skewed eyes,unnatural face,unnatural body,error,painting by bad-artist,black,african,ugly face,
SamplerDPM++ 2M alt Karras
CFG scale7

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