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Ultra high resolution, masterfully framed, radiant, award-winning, charcoal-sketch impression of a captivating underwater cityscape. Profound attention to detail. Sophisticated backdrop of a sun-dappled ocean with swirling marine life, baroque seashell motif, detailed, multifarious elements, Ultra HD 32k, serene, magical, Atlantis-inspired, intricate coral reefs, shimmering bioluminescence, James Cameron, cinematic, 4k, iconic Pixar animation still, razor-sharp imagery, iridescent bubbles, seaweed, ancient ruins, treasure chests, majestic merfolk, by loish visual creativity behance surrealism digital concept art of detailed aquatic life design, 4k resolution
Negative Prompt
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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FaeTasticSDXL2.0 - ai art image - Ghostl - AI Art - Image Generator - Stable Diffusion
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