A futuristic aircraft soaring through a dramatic sunset sky, AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Futuristic Aircraft in Sunset Sky

Image Description

A highly detailed image of a sleek, futuristic aircraft flying above a coastal city as the sun sets. The aircraft has a streamlined and angular design with glowing orange highlights and multiple engines. The sky is filled with picturesque clouds illuminated by the warm, orange hues of the setting sun. Another aircraft is visible in the distance, adding to the dynamic scene. Shadows cast by the clouds create a sense of depth and dimension in the landscape below.


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Generation Parameters

masterpiece, highly detailed photorealistic 8k raw photo, best cinematic quality, volumetric lighting and shadows
airplane, cityscape, cloud, landscape, lights, no humans, scenery, science fiction, signature, sky, space, Sage Gray spacecraft, star \(sky\), sunset, vehicle focus, watercraft, zzarspczz (Medium long shot:1.2)
Negative Prompt
ModelRealism from HaDeS v6.1
CFG scale7

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