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8k portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, majestic, digital photography, art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree, broken glass, (masterpiece, sidelighting, finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2), hdr,((whole body)),
<lora:Mr MC R WM V_20230620225530:0.3>  <lora:lifu_20231005200924:0.65>lifu <lora:ww:0.61>
Negative Prompt
EasyNegative, (normal quality, low quality, worst quality:1.4), jpeg artifacts, (username,watermark,signature,time signature, timestamp, artist name, copyright name, copyright), (loli, child, infant, baby:1.3), (bad anatomy, extra hands, extra legs, extra digits, extra_fingers, wrong finger, inaccurate limb), (African American, African:1.6), (tits, nipple:1.6), (pubic hair:1.6)
SamplerDPM++ SDE Karras
CFG scale8

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