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(depth of field:1.4),(blur:1.3),(night:1.4),(dark:1.4),(very detailed:1.4),(high resolution:1.1),
(Grim Gardener: Keeper of a spectral pumpkin patch, tending to the otherworldly crops.:1.3),
1girl,(glowing Chestnut brown eyes:1.3),(Torn obi decorations and ruined tulle dress:1.3),
(Posing with a sinister mask, half-concealing the face.:1.3),
Negative Prompt
simple background,retro style,low quality,lowest quality,bad anatomy,bad proportions,lowres,username,artist name,duplicate,watermark,signature,text,extra digit,fewer digits,worst quality,jpeg artifacts,blurry,long fingers,more than 5 fingers,logo,artist name,ugly,tiling,poorly drawn hands,poorly drawn feet,poorly drawn face,out of frame,extra limbs,disfigured,deformed,body out of frame,cut off,low contrast,bad art,distorted face,negative_hand-neg,BeyondV3-neg,
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE Karras
CFG scale7

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