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comic book art of Victo Ngai Style 2077_Style a toned body cyborg lady with dark short straight hair BREAK, (bare shoulders1.2), sleeveless catsuit, big eyes, open mouth, thick lips, (facial mark:1.3), middle size breasts, cosplaying as 4lit4, on rooftop of cyberpunk building, Looking over the shoulder pose , Tilt Shot , outdoor, day time, skyline, front view, natural light, Adobe Light, DOF, dystopian, futuristic, digital, vibrant, detailed, high contrast, reminiscent of cyberpunk genre, android, AI, machine, metal, wires, tech, futuristic, highly detailed, solo, full body, sfw <lora:training_model:1> <lora:2077_Style:1> <lora:DetailedEyes_V3:0.8> <lora:Victo Ngai Style:1>, comic art, graphic novel illustration
Negative Prompt
photograph, deformed, glitch, noisy, realistic, stock photo, organic, natural, human, sketch, watercolor, low contrast, historical, natural, rustic, low detailed, bad X, (worst quality, low quality), crossed eyes, 6 fingers, watermark, artist name, censored, signature, logo <lora:badhands:1>
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale4

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