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Psychedelic style steampunk-inspired baroque rendition of close up face profile, devil naked girl, ruler of hell, sitting on a bones and skulls throne, around the flames of fog, expressive, black ink and watercolor sharp fast line, cloudy sky and bones and skulls, fog, lens 1.8, 25 mm, bokeh, the grain of analog film . opulent, grand, ornate, dramatic, detailed, decorative,minimalist in a gothic getup. Dark, leather, lace, Victorian influence . gears, brass, rivets, old-world technology, intricate, highly detailed, Victorian,ugly . Vibrant colors, swirling patterns, abstract forms, surreal, trippy
Negative Prompt
monochrome, black and white, low contrast, realistic, photorealistic, plain, simple, modern, preppy, pastel, boho, bright, deformed
SamplerDPM++ 2S a Karras
CFG scale7.5

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