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a upper body black and white portrait of a man in a black sweater and scarf black posing for a picture, messy long hair, mert and marcus, angular face, eric winter, tight around neck, simple black background, man in black, inspired by Jemima Blackburn, age 58, (low contrast:1.4) flash-photography, (flim grain:1.6)
Negative Prompt
(open mouth:1.4), (high contrast), happy, indoors, close-up, iwakura lain, mini. abstract illustration, old lady cyborg merchant, colourful flat surreal design, skaven, sharp edges cartoon, surreal, yuyushiki, background space station, detail acrylic palette knife, hasselblade wide shot, organic isometric design, behemoth
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5

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