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a upper body black and white portrait of a pale woman with on her face, max rive, windblown dark hair, photo [far], whirlwind, photo 2010, face with artgram, lens dust, hdr human detailed, simple black background, backlit, taken with sony alpha 9, surf photography, thumbprint, (low contrast:1.4) flash-photography, (flim grain:1.6)
Negative Prompt
open mouth, (bad skin), (high contrast), outdoors, close-up, a mcdonalds gundam, orange and cyan paint decals, flat color and line, zootopia style, chibi style, ms paint drawing, gta chinatown art style, copic markers, pink and blue palette, battroid mode, wearing tight suit, n eddy take a trip to tokyo, portra 400
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5

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