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a upper body black and white (right profile) portrait of a woman with long hair and a very big round face, (looking over her sholder:1.4), bright expressive eyes, paolo roversi, blond hair, beautiful catgirl, dark and intricate photograph, directed gaze, woman on the beach, cherub, perfect female, woman, banshee, (low contrast:1.4) flash-photography, (flim grain:1.6)
Negative Prompt
(open mouth:1.4), (high contrast), happy, outdoors, jewellery nude, saul goodman in the simpsons, cell shading. ( rb 6 s, pokemon trainer outfit, soldier 7 6 from overwatch, isometric game asset, pixel stretching, fullbody!! dynamic action pose, payday 2, 3 point perspective, flat color, digital art #oneshotgame, winston from overwatch, octane ue 5, blippi, tf 2, child
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5

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