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cinematic photo Playful and ornate, capturing the light-heartedness and intricate details of the Rococo era.,Echoing the 'Luo Shen Fu' style and inspired by the underwater setting, a celestial woman gracefully ascends through the deep blue waters, her hand reaching upwards towards the surface. Her outfit, radiant in teal, ripples around her, reminiscent of the divine Luo Goddess. Adorned with jewelry reflecting hints of gold, silver, and jade, she's further highlighted by vibrant red and orange ribbons that sway with her motion. As she rises, her ethereal presence serves as a bridge, connecting the mysteries of the deep with the world above.xianxia fantasy,Using shadows as the main subject, playing with light.,God rays peeking through openings, like from clouds or trees. . 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
drawing, painting, crayon, sketch, graphite, impressionist, noisy, blurry, soft, deformed, ugly
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale8

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ronghua_v30 - ai art image - Whimsical and Playful, cinemat - AI Art - Image Generator - Stable Diffusion
[SDXL] RongHua | 容华 | 国风大模型 - SDXL 1.0 - v3.0

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