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League of Gods Drawing from the expansive narrative of 'Jingwei Filling the Sea', a vast, majestic underwater realm unfolds. Dominating this aquatic tapestry, an ethereal woman rises powerfully, her hand reaching fervently towards the distant heavens, as if challenging the cosmos itself. Her teal attire, billowing out in an expansive wave, seems to merge with the very waters she transcends, embodying Jingwei's indomitable spirit. Adorned in luminous jewelry of gold, silver, and jade, her silhouette is traced by vivid red and orange ribbons, symbolizing the ceaseless flow of stones and twigs that Jingwei casts into the sea. All around her, the immense ocean teems with life and motion, capturing the grandeur of a timeless struggle against insurmountable odds.Illumination using vibrant and varied hues. . Mythical heroes, transformational powers, epic battles against demons, magical artifacts, celestial settings, cinematic, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
Contemporary, detective story, undetailed
CFG scale8.5

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