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League of Gods Inspired by the poignant tale of 'Jingwei Filling the Sea', an immense oceanic scene unravels. The young Jingwei, transformed into a bird after a tragic drowning, plummets from the sky, her descent marked by a trail of brilliant red and orange ribbons, symbolizing her past life and determination. As she crashes into the vast waters, waves surge around her, capturing the moment of her transformation and the birth of her relentless mission. Her teal feathers, echoing the deep ocean hues, fan out around her in a radiant display. Resplendent jewelry of gold, silver, and jade adorns her, representing her royal lineage and the memories of her previous life. Below, the immense depths of the sea beckon, a testament to the monumental task ahead of her and the enduring legend of Jingwei's tireless endeavor to fill the ocean.Realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections. . Mythical heroes, transformational powers, epic battles against demons, magical artifacts, celestial settings, cinematic, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
nsfw, Contemporary, detective story, undetailed
CFG scale8.5

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ronghua_v30 - ai art image - Whimsical and Playful, cinemat - AI Art - Image Generator - Stable Diffusion
[SDXL] RongHua | 容华 | 国风大模型 - SDXL 1.0 - v3.0

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