[SDXL] RongHua | 容华 | 国风大模型 – SDXL 1.0 – v3.0

​3.0 is out! Man, this update felt like forever. We kicked off the training on September 12th, and it’s been a ride since then with so many tweaks and adjustments. My graphics card and I? We’re beat. Seriously, we both need a breather. But hey, good news! I’ve packed 3.0 with some cool surprises for you. It’s like we’ve started from scratch, upping the game on the training set’s quality and variety. And if you’re into the ancient Chinese vibe, you’re in for a treat with a bunch of new tags. Plus, we’ve learned from our past versions, so Ronghua 3.0? It’s a whole lot smoother and more versatile.




xianxia fantasy(仙侠幻想)

light hanfu(轻汉服,偏时尚)

Hanfu photography(汉服写真)


3.0同样需要感谢很多朋友,感谢过的大佬我就不再一一重复了,除了前面感谢过的大佬以外,还有为容华3.0提供了部分优质美术素材的rex s和TRU REN-4574。感谢你们!

容华】2.0发布,感谢ArienTOP的灵感(可能他本人并不知道),感谢TRU REN-4574提供了非常非常好的素材,感谢LEOSAM的安慰(?),感谢AIMZ、Bartholomeus、cakc、chirenshuomeng、dkorbat、Faispirit、forbimtungds339、jiutaogong、ladiosnet815、LYuyang、mr7th、Neo_cute、shihiu866374、Showevr、ssugar008、tonyhs、wolfcatzzz、youren……等等大佬的返图,还有一直以来支持我,替我抱不平的朋友 :-)。

***RongHua 1.0 and 1.1 Not include NSFW content, maybe next version…***


Currently, [Ronghua] has not merged any other models, and the model is based on SDXL Base 1.0, which has been trained for more than 150+ hours. All materials are from the Internet.

Ronghua still has many problems, welcome everyone to use it and give me suggestions.

This is the first time I have done ft for a large model.Ronghua’s birth was thanks to the opinions and support of the group friends, especially Neo_cute, who gave me direction and confidence, as well as Redpriest9527, aistha, tonyhs, MengX, Faispirit, LYuyang, Maper_leaf, Kelly_V, kwResearch and many other great works that have improved Ronghua’s artistic level.

There is also the creator of the paradise, Merjic, and all the brothers and sisters, who make me happy and fulfilled every day.


目前 【容华】 还没有融合任何其他模型,模型基于SDXL Base 1.0已训练超过150+小时,所有素材来源于网络。


第一次做大模型的ft,摸爬滚打跌跌撞撞,容华的诞生得亏群友意见和支持,特别鸣谢Neo_cute,给了我方向和信心,还有Redpriest9527、aistha、tonyhs、 MengX、Faispirit、LYuyang、Maper_leaf、Kelly_V、kwResearch 等等很多大佬的作品提升了容华的艺术水平。


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Base ModelSDXL 1.0
Model Hash589A4E5502
Model Versionv3.0
Trained Words