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As the sun began to set, casting an eerie glow over the ancient cemetery, a cold wind blew through the weathered gravestones, carrying whispers of forgotten souls. In the midst of this desolate place stood a figure draped in dark, tattered robes, their face obscured by a hood. The necromancer, a master of deathly arts, had arrived.
With an air of unsettling confidence, the necromancer raised their skeletal hand, adorned with silver rings etched with arcane symbols. As they chanted ancient incantations, shadows danced around them, seemingly responding to their beckoning call. The ground beneath their feet trembled, and fog began to seep up from the depths of the earth.
From the darkness emerged figures, slowly rising from their eternal slumber - an army of skeletal warriors. Bones creaked and clattered as they formed a neat formation in front of their creator. Each one wore remnants of armor, their empty eye sockets glowing with malevolent, otherworldly light.
Commanding the ghastly battalion, the necromancer raised their staff high, a conduit of dark magic. With a voice that dripped with power and an eerie melody, they uttered words that reverberated through the atmosphere. The ground cracked open, revealing a hidden crypt underneath.
With a wave of their hand, the necromancer instructed their skeletal army to advance, following their every command. The horde moved in perfect unison, their steps resonating with an unearthly rhythm as they descended into the crypt. They dragged their rusty swords and shields, ready to perform their masters bidding.
Inside the crypt, a swirling maelstrom of arcane energy consumed the necromancer as they called forth a fallen general, long lost to oblivion. The air crackled with dark spells, and a towering figure emerged from the seething vortex. Dressed in tattered armor and holding a massive, battle-worn greatsword, the generals eyes burned with an unholy fire.
With an echoing voice, the necromancer issued the general his command. The spectral figure kneeled before its newfound master, pledging undying loyalty. From that moment onward, shadows and death clung to them as they vanished into the night, leaving behind only the haunting echoes of their chilling power.
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