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cybernetic carp entangled in wires and cpu electronics, (hexagonal scales:1.3), a huge variety of optical cables, digital pixel, high-tech interior style and futurism, hyper realistic, sci-fi, Photorealistic expressively, amazing depth, surreal, photoillustration, nanopunk concept art, intricately detailed, hdr, cinematic, hyperrealism, volumetric lighting, maximalism, complementary colors, <lora:ChalkDustStyleSDXL:0.4> chalkdust, <lora:Surreal Harmony:0.5> Surreal Harmony, <lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.66>, intricately detailed, fine details, hyperdetailed
Negative Prompt
boring,text,signature,logo,watermark,low quality,blurry,unperfect face,unperfect hands,bad hands,bad fingers,cartoon,face jewellery,cables,multiple ears, multiple tails, cut off, out of frame
CFG scale3

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