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(masterpiece, best quality), ((close up)), aesthetic illustration, colorful paint style, 1 guy, adult (human:0.7) muscular man, tan skin, beard, red eyes, dark brown long hair, dark, portrait, solo, (full body:0.6), looking up, detailed background, detailed face, oracle, mystic, (glowing eyes:1.1), enigmatic, transcendental, strings of fate, (gold trimmed:0.8) white robes, hood, magical gemstones, hourglass, swirling light brown arcane fog radiating from eyes, magic weaves drifting from eyes, projecting shifting aura, floating sigils, rippling water in background, faint aurora, gentle breeze, ethereal atmosphere, epic composition
Negative Prompt
(easynegative), (bad-hands-5), (sketch), low-res, text, watermark, (blurried-eyes), (jpeg-artifact), missing-limbs, multiple-characters, high-contrast, strong-shadows, black and white, monochrome
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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