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(Ultra realistic, intricate, Ultra high resolution masterpiece),(Amazing Primitivism Neuroaesthetic experiments art),(looking at viewer:1.8),(barefoot),
The painting freezes a moment as two refined elderly Chinese gentlemen enjoy rice wine amidst clouds atop a misty peak. They sit on boulders,rugged cliffside behind them. One old man,beard and hair wispy white,lifts a ceramic bowl as if toasting,eyes crinkling cheerfully. His body tilts slightly,caught in mid-drink. Across from him,his bearded friend also raises a bowl,rosy faced from the wine's effects. Their billowing sleeves mingle and sway in the lofty winds. Beside them rests an open gourd,wine vessel waiting to be refilled. In the background,distant mountains peek through wandering clouds that surround the two friends on the summit. Their postures and expressions capture a transient yet poignant scene - appreciating friendship and wine while reflecting on life's journey.,
(High quality,, Superb lighting, Highly detailed, Sharp focus, 8K UHD, masterpiece art),
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch),shoes,high_heels,
CFG scale7

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