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(Ultra realistic, intricate, Ultra high resolution masterpiece),(Amazing Primitivism Neuroaesthetic experiments art),
The painting shows an ethereal beauty with alabaster skin lying contentedly amidst a sea of vibrant blossoms. She wears a long white dress with sleeves billowing freely as she floats through the air. Her jet black hair fans out around her like a silken cloak. A garland of pastel flowers adorns her head. One hand caresses the pink petals around her as she floats blissfully through the floral paradise. Blooms of roses, peonies, lotuses and more surround her in a kaleidoscope of colors. She closes her eyes in relaxation, a slight upturn on her red lips. The flowers seem to embrace her lovingly as she drifts along. Specks of pollen float around her like golden dust. Rays of light filter through the overhead blossoms, bathing her in a warm glow. The background is a mosaic of green meadows and colorful thickets stretching to the horizon. The beauty appears in perfect harmony with the idyllic floral haven, like a fairy tale come to life,
(High quality,, Superb lighting, Highly detailed, Sharp focus, 8K UHD, masterpiece art),
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch),
CFG scale4

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