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(Ultra realistic, intricate, Ultra high resolution masterpiece),(Amazing Primitivism Neuroaesthetic experiments art),
The painting depicts an ethereal beauty with porcelain skin and jet black hair dancing gracefully amidst a resplendent starscape. She wears a vibrant red cheongsam dress embroidered with golden phoenixes that flows softly as she pirouettes weightlessly through the cosmic wonders. Nebulae in purple,blue and pink hues bloom behind her like gigantic cosmic flowers. In the distance,rivers of stars and a sea of galaxies span the endless vacuum. As she stretches her slender arms,her movements fluid like water,stardust trails from her sleeves like shooting stars. An expression of delight graces her delicate features as she waltzes across the heavens. The stars mirror in her dark eyes like the twin jewels of the night sky. The palette glows with vibrant galactic colors as if she is a celestial muse come to life. She leaves behind a luminous aftermath as she dances gracefully through the vast and bewitching celestial canvas.,
(High quality,, Superb lighting, Highly detailed, Sharp focus, 8K UHD, masterpiece art),
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch),
CFG scale4

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