A stylish woman with long black hair wearing a black dress and gold accessories, generated using stable diffusion.

Stylish Woman in Black Dress with Gold Accessories

Image Description

A stylish woman with long black hair wearing a fitted black dress. Her outfit is complemented by sophisticated gold accessories, including a chunky gold chain necklace and a black belt with a large gold buckle. She also has several gold bracelets on her wrist. The background is a simple, muted grey, which keeps the focus on her refined and fashionable appearance.


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Generation Parameters

breathtaking professional photography of MilaM ((a woman)) <lora:MilaM_SDXL_v1.05-step00005000:1> Pastels themed studio set, behance, Romantic stare, wearing a (modest Black layered dress:1.1), detailed grunge rockstar aggressive hairstyle, [Grunge|1990's], grunge rock hairstyle, high black legwear, black lace accessories, gold chain accessories, designer belt with huge golden buckle, horizon-centered, Dual Kawaii, confident, smirk, bangle, wrist cuffs
Negative Prompt
bad quality, bad anatomy, worst quality, deformed, extra limbs, nsfw, nipples, cleavage
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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