Detailed portrait of a woman with elegantly styled hair in a black turtleneck, AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Woman Portrait in Stylish Black Outfit

Image Description

Detailed portrait of a woman with elegantly styled, updo hair. She has clear, piercing eyes, slightly arched eyebrows, and soft makeup emphasizing her facial features. She wears a black sleeveless turtleneck, providing a stylish, modern look. The background is softly blurred, drawing attention to her expressive face. The portrait conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication.


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Generation Parameters

Whimsical and Playful, analog film photo a 40 years old woman, beautiful detailed face, with [[Auburn] Messy Bun] hair,with a very cute face, pointy nose, little (smile:0.1), sexy lips, flat chested <lora:flat_chested_v2-000006:0.8>, bright eyes, Dazzling eyes, breathtaking eyes, multi-tied hair, focus on eyes, Wide shot, standing In the Theater, wearing Leather Pants, [[[broken glass, splitter]]], hard light, hard shaddows <lora:SDXL_Black_Sa_May:0.15> black . faded film, desaturated, 35mm photo, grainy, vignette, vintage, Kodachrome, Lomography, stained, highly detailed, found footage <lora:add-detail-xl:1> <lora:DetailedEyes_V3:1>, imaginative, fantastical, bight colors, stylized, happy, Whimsical and Playful
Negative Prompt
painting, drawing, illustration, glitch, deformed, mutated, cross-eyed, ugly, disfigured, ugly, deformed, noisy, blurry, low contrast, (tatto:1.3), (watermark, signature:1.2), (childish, child, kid:1.3), unaestheticXL_AYv1,watermark,signature, open mouth
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale7

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