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<lora:add_detail:0.75>, <lora:sharpen-soften:-0.2>, <lora:stylesqueeze_v2:0.25>, <lora:realistic:0.25>, illustration, best quality, beautiful and aesthetic, fine details, high resolution, UHD, low-saturation, sharp focus, cinematic shadows, EyeDetail fFaceDetail fHandDetail SkinHairDetail BREAK (l1nd4 is a big black beautiful woman, <lora:SSAHC:0.8>  ), BREAK (style-swirlmagic:0.9), portrait, looking at viewer, solo, half shot, detailed background, close up, shining (<lora:DonMF43:0.6>,  darkness, DonMF43, Fae theme:1.1), divine deity of love, soft smile, bright eyes, flowers, (small floating rose petals:0.8), red light, pink ethereal background, majestic divine atmosphere, bright light, holy aura, bloom, halo above head, divine light, white clothes,  blessing,
Negative Prompt
nipples, NSFW, SkinDetailNeg, ERA09NEGV2 negative_hand-neg HandNeg, nudity, SkinPerfection_NegV15
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5

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XenoGASM (NSFW Semi-Real Portraits and Fetishes) - SD 1.5 - v4

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