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absurdres, best quality, 1girl, solo, eye focus, looking at viewer,   <lora:samus-nvwls-v1:0.9>, samus aran, ponytail, hair tie, red gloves, red bodysuit, futuristic knight, (silver, long hair), mecha girl, mechanical parts, on the sky, Expressive Hues, Vibrant Palette, Black and white clothes, ironman suit <lora:more_details:0.5> <lora:mecha_offset:2>, <lora:fishnet_bodysuit_v10:1>, fishnets, floating hair,  <lora:waterVFX:1>, striking cloudy <lora:striking:1>, succubus, ethereal background, (dramatic angle, dynamic pose), <lora:GPTS6 Hella-sthetic_424353:1>
Negative Prompt
lowres,  worst quality, low quality,  easynegative, loli, child, empty eyes
SamplerDPM++ SDE Karras
CFG scale10

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