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(aroused princess Zelda sitting next to a campfire:1.2), (lipstick and thick eyelashes:1.1), (peeking through hooded cloak:1.5), (frontal full body wide shot,:1.1) (head tilted down:1.4), steam,(thick sexy thights:1.2), dirty, wide straight-on photo, wet ground, windy, storm,(detailed emotional face), soaked wet,nature, volumetric light, light particles,foggy, 
tall grass, flowers, plants, cold, outdoors, (heavy rain:1.2), starry night,(full moon:1.1), fireflies, moonlight,watering eyes, weary face, profound sadness, uncomfortable place, swaying trees, fading light, vivid colors,melancholy, dramatic atmosphere,(8k, RAW photo, Masterpiece, Best Quality, High Quality, Highres), realistic, (photorealistic:1.5), detailed fabric texture, natural light, shadow, contrast, texture, detail, realism, impressionistic, expressionistic, dark shadow, detailed reflection, refraction, tone, high contrast, foreground, middle ground, background, naturalistic,(high detailed skin),bright detailed eyes, eye reflection, beautiful hair + detail, Extremely Detailed,  cinematic lighting, mature female, detailed background, nose blush, small cat ears,  (detailed white|red thight leather strap armor:1.3), (leather multiple belts:1.1),(leather pants:1.1), belt, pockets, <lora:LowRA:0.7>,  <lora:add_detail:1.4> ,
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality),  ( jpeg artifacts:1.4), cropped legs, huge breasts, 3limbs, nude, EasyNegative,  By bad artis , bad-image-v2-39000, bad-hands-5, watermark, text,
SamplerDPM++ SDE Karras
CFG scale8.5

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