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ultra realistic 8k cg, picture-perfect face, flawless, clean, masterpiece, professional artwork, famous artwork, cinematic lighting, cinematic bloom, (8k), (4k), (Masterpiece), (Best Quality), fantasy, extremely detailed, intricate, hyper-detailed, illustration, (specular lighting:1.4), 1boy, masterpiece, best quality, illustration of ArtiEngels, male focus, beautiful face, handsome, young adult male, shirtless, tattoos, simple chain necklace, red eyes, (aged down),(thick eyebrows:0.5), lean athletic body, (side swept silver hair:1.5), long hair, black pants, artillery, sharp focus, wide angle shot, volumetric lighting, explosions, nuclear warfare, radioactive, burning, fire, smoke, skull, battlefield, grenade launcher, action shot, dynamic, evil androids, moviestill, meteors , <lora:prettyBoy_:0.3> ,  <lora:turbomale_LoraV6:0.2>, <lora:sauron:0.5>, sauron black armor, <lora:add_detail:1>
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality:1.4), (((distorted hands))),((disfigured)), ((bad art)), ((deformed)),((extra limbs)),((b&w)), (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), extra fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), ((poorly drawn face)), (((mutation))), (((deformed))), ((ugly)), blurry, ((bad anatomy)), (((bad proportions))), ((extra limbs)), cloned face, (((disfigured))), out of frame, ugly, extra limbs, (bad anatomy), gross proportions, (malformed limbs), ((missing arms)), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), mutated hands, (((fused fingers))), (too many fingers), (((long neck))), ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, mutation, mutated, extra limbs, extra legs, extra arms, disfigured, deformed, cross-eye, body out of frame, blurry, bad art, bad anatomy, (text), signature, monster, animal, big nipples, ((distorted boobs)), (arms up), (bad-artist:1.0), ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, bad_quality,  bad-hands-5,  bad-image-v2-39000,
CFG scale7

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