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photograph, insane details, cinematic shot of a flyweight ClosClose-up photo of a beautiful caraloteer4, blue eyes, ((wearing a white turtleneck sweater)), photorealistic, high contrast, 8k HD, detailed, hyper-detailed, robe, Multicolor hair styled as Afro, Albanian Fur Scarf, Anime Eyes, inside of a Pop Pedestrian bridge, Unusual garden, Thunderstorm, deep focus, Cel shaded, Evil, Orphism, key light, film grain, Kodak portra 800, 35mm, intricate details, dripping deep red and Alabaster, (art by Lucien Clergue:1 3), (art by Sergio Larran:1 1), (art by George Tice:1 1), (art by Tony Conrad:1 8), realistic skin texture, smiling, short hairs, <lora:caraloteer4-15:1>,
Negative Prompt
(8kRAW photo:1.2), lowres blurry image with compressed jpeg artifacts, bad-hands-5, EasyNegative, chain, (monochrome:1.3), (deformed, distorted, disfigured:1.3), ((blurry)), duplicate, ((duplicate body parts)), (disfigured), poor quality, (poorly drawn), ((missing limbs)), logo, signature, text, words, low res, artifacts, bad art, ugly, poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy, (((large breasts))), (((b&w))), (((censored))), (((twins))), (((out of frame))), ((((large breasts)))), ((bw)), (((stretch marks))), (((cowboy hat))),
SamplerDPM++ 2S a Karras
CFG scale7

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PirsusEpicRealism_v25 - ai art image - (closeup:1.0) photo of (CR-Rac - AI Art - Image Generator - Stable Diffusion
Pirsus Epic Realism - SD 1.5 - v2.5

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