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ethereal fantasy concept art of photograph, compact camera, 800mm lens, dslr, F/8, F/5, Satisfying, Wispy Snug Corsican Yaa Gorilla hybrid, Canon 5d mark 4, Vivid Colors, Depth of field 270mm, Fuji superia 400, magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy
Negative Prompt
photographic, realistic, realism, 35mm film, dslr, cropped, frame, text, deformed, glitch, noise, noisy, off-center, deformed, cross-eyed, closed eyes, bad anatomy, ugly, disfigured, sloppy, duplicate, mutated, black and white
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE Karras
CFG scale3.5

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ProtoVisionXL_0.6.2.0.fp16 - ai art image - Colored Pencil Art of masterwo - AI Art - Image Generator - Stable Diffusion
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