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Neo-Rococo, Retro-themed illustration, (Rose Gold BMW Z4:1.3) with a vintage twist, (Old-school cool:1.3), (Classic lines:1.2), (Nostalgic charm:1.2), BREAK, (backdrop backdrop:1.3), (Retro vibes:1.3), (Neon signs:1.2), (Vibrant atmosphere:1.2), Created with a retro touch, Timeless color palette, Distinctive details, curved forms, naturalistic ornamentation, elaborate, decorative, gaudy, Neo-Rococo, volumetric, fog, smoke
Negative Prompt
ugly, deformed, noisy, blurry, low contrast, stubby mutated disfigured deformed same repeated cropped text watermark signature logo  freckles disfigured deformed bad awful ugly,
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE Karras
CFG scale3.5

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