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Photo, DSLR, style of Rafael Albuquerque,cyberpunk, synthwave, 
modern city nightime rain, myst, glass buidings background, 
foreground giant Mantis Military tank, extrme violence: armored combat vehicle with rotatable turret, main and secondary weapons, protective composite armor, high mobility via tracks and powerful engine, resembilng insect mantis, with a lot of guns and smoke,
(Cyberpunk 2077:1.3)dark gritty dystopian feel, crushing,  tank resembles mantis,(circuits face gear:1.2), 3d render, high quality, lots of reflections, lots of mirrors, (glass:1.5) buildings,  backlighting, night time lights, cyberpunk reimagined, high quality, portrait, wearing a cyberpunk outfit, mecha bodysuit, mecha boots masterpiece, high quality, neon wires connecting buildings, nighttime,  <lora:cyborg_style_xl:1> <lora:AetherPunkAI:1>
Negative Prompt
low quality, watermark, five fingers, wrong anatomy, incomplete fingers, wrong facing fingers, bad anatomy, bad quality, no emotion, broken body,
SamplerDPM++ 2M SDE Karras
CFG scale5.5

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