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triadic colors, full body, flat color BREAK a cute girl playing a game with the controller in her hand, blankets, pillows, cozy, at night, light of the tv screen on her face <lora:LoFiPastel-000005:1> BREAK colorful, dream-like, illustration, gradient surreal fantasy, by Victo Ngai Makoto Shinkai <lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.5>
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, thumbnail:1.4), signature, artist name, web address, cropped, jpeg artifacts, watermark, username, collage, grid, man, male, photography, anime, manga, hentai, nipple tassels, medieval, elf, armor, visor, road, low contrast, nude, naked, nipples, areola, topless, nsfw, obese, fat, old, mature, chrome, earrings, jewelry, jewels, usa, nasa, mech, headphones, fighter pilot, glasses, goggles, city, village, town, houses, crowd, long neck, small head, <lora:badhands-000018:0.5>
CFG scale6.5

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ProtoVision XL - High Fidelity 3D / Photorealism / Anime / hyperrealism - No Refiner Needed - SDXL 1.0 - Release_0.6.2.0-BakedVAE

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