Crystal chess pieces on a luxury chess board, with intricate designs and golden accents, AI generated using stable diffusion.

Crystal chess pieces on a luxury chess board

Image Description

Crystal chess pieces with intricate and elegant designs, including a horse as the knight and a queen, on a luxury chess board. The chess pieces have golden accents and are illuminated by dramatic lighting, casting detailed reflections and sparkles. The backdrop is dark, highlighting the glittery and regal look of the crystal chess set. The rays of light add a mystical atmosphere to the image.


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Generation Parameters

[Masterpiece. Realistic. Transparent Beings. Everything in this universe is made out of sparkling glass crystals. A chess piece made of crystals. Water explosions. Transparent or silver body parts.], detailed, romantic, very inspirational, beautiful, elegant, lovely, cute, pretty, modern, epic composition, fabulous atmosphere, cinematic light, dynamic dramatic ambient, Vibrant Colors , glowing highlights, 
ral-tr33brnch, Arttrttrt, extreme Long Shot, masterpiece, intricate detail, best quality, absurd resolution, Gothic, black stone with golden stripes, elegant, luxury, royal, expensive, 
Stylized chess pieces. Queen chess, Chess game, chess board, luxury and golden design. Photo realistic, cinematic light, concept art. ,
Negative Prompt
score_6, score_5, score_4, pony, gaping, fcNeg, censored, furry, child, kid, chibi, 3d, monochrome
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelZavyChromaXL v8.0
CFG scale7

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