Green-haired woman with tattoos wearing a dark beret and blue sleeveless top, generated using stable diffusion AI.

Green-haired tattooed woman in beret

Image Description

A young woman with striking green hair wears a dark beret adorned with gold details. She gazes forward, her finger thoughtfully placed near her lips. Her blue sleeveless top highlights her detailed and colorful tattoos that cover her arms, including floral and skull designs. The background features a cozy indoor setting with framed pictures on the wall and warm lighting.


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Generation Parameters

score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up BREAK 1girl,hipster,wool beret,sweater,neon green hair,vest,tattoos,highly detailed,detailed skin,depth of field,film grain,<lora:igbaddie-PN:0.8>.igbaddie
Negative Prompt
zPDXL-neg,(score_6, score_5, score_4, pony, gaping, muscular, censored, furry, child, kid, chibi, 3d, monochrome)
SamplerDPM++ SDE
CFG scale6

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