An AI generated image using stable diffusion, depicting an anime-style girl standing in a lush green forest with tall trees and a clear sky.

Anime forest girl in a lush landscape

Image Description

A serene anime-style scene with a girl standing on a path in the middle of a lush forest surrounded by tall, slender trees. The trees rise high towards a sky that is partly cloudy with white cumulus clouds. The distant background features layers of green hills, giving the image depth and a sense of tranquility. The girl, dressed in light clothing, stands near the center of the path, looking towards the horizon. The light filters softly through the leaves, casting gentle shadows and creating a peaceful atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

earthelements style, outdoors, tree, solo, scenery, nature, signature, sky, forest, 1girl, day, grass, overgrown, ethereal, green, BREAK  PonyXLV6_Scores
Negative Prompt
SamplerEuler a
ModelCashMoney (Anime) v1.0
CFG scale7

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