A stunning AI-generated image of a fantasy castle in a serene landscape, transitioning through different times of the day via stable diffusion.

Fantasy Castle in Serene Landscape

Image Description

A series of images displaying a majestic fantasy castle situated on a lush, green hill by a reflective lake. The setting changes progressively from a vibrant day to twilight, and finally to a peaceful night under a starry sky. The transitions illustrate variations in lighting, colors, and mood against a background of picturesque scenery with blossoming flowers, verdant trees, and clear skies. Elements like moonlight, sunset, and clouds add dynamic beauty to the serene landscape.


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Generation Parameters

Fantastic Night Landscape, A Castle in the Background, Emerald Sky, Emerald Colors palette, pastel colors,, <lora:ArsMJStyle4:1>
Negative Prompt
verybadimagenegative_v1.3, cartoon, CGI , render, illustration, (painting) , drawing, epiCPhotoGasm-colorfulPhoto-neg, epiCPhotoGasm-softPhoto-neg, verybadimagenegative_v1.3,
CFG scale4.5

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