AI generated image using Stable Diffusion depicting an oni girl with horns in a red kimono, standing by a serene lake under the moonlight, with a dark, lush forest and a pagoda in the background.

Oni girl by a serene lake at night

Image Description

Oni girl with horns wearing a vibrant red kimono adorned with floral patterns, standing calmly beside a serene lake in the moonlit night. Trees with varying foliage, a pagoda in the background, and a cascading waterfall from jagged mountains contribute to the mystical and tranquil atmosphere. The girl, with long silver hair tied up with red and yellow flowers, exudes a serene and contemplative demeanor. The dark, cloudy sky and reflections in the water highlight the detailed and atmospheric rendering.


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Generation Parameters

score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, detailed, aesthetic, 8k unreal engine photorealism, ethereal lighting, purple, nighttime, darkness, surreal art, fantasy, glowing, night, (dark environment), <lora:NakiriAyamePDXL:0.8>, AyameNewYears, oni horns, long hair, side ponytail, red kimono, floral print, hair flower, sash, haori, scenery, ink, mountains, water, trees, full body, reflection, light, arm behind back, sandals, from side,
Negative Prompt
monochrome, toned,
CFG scale6

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