A serene woman with long dark hair wearing a purple off-shoulder dress, looking down, AI generated using Stable Diffusion.

Serene Woman in Off-Shoulder Dress

Image Description

A serene woman with long, flowing dark hair gracefully looks downwards, her eyes gently closed. She is adorned in a purple off-shoulder dress that softly drapes her frame. The background is dark, creating a striking contrast with her illuminated face and clothing, highlighting her peaceful expression and elegant appearance.


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Generation Parameters

<lora:Camellia:.7>, simple background, dark background, upper body, at front, portrait, <lora:GoodHands-vanilla:0.8> better_oppai,  Plum Purple blouse, long hair
Closed eyes and a subtle, melancholic frown, hinting at a heart heavy with unspoken emotions.
Negative Prompt
fcNeg-neg, EasyNegativeV2, verybadimagenegative_v1.3,  Asian-Less-Neg,   bad-hands-5 AS-YoungV2-neg
SamplerDPM++ 2M SDE
CFG scale6

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