A vibrant AI generated image using Stable Diffusion, depicting a sunset landscape with colorful flowers and a giant, mosaic-patterned insect.

Sunset Landscape with Colorful Flowers and Giant Insect

Image Description

A vibrant sunset landscape surrounded by a diverse array of colorful flowers, showcasing shades of pink, orange, blue, and purple. On the left, a rocky cliff is adorned with lush greenery. A giant insect with intricately patterned mosaic wings hovers near the center, capturing attention with its vivid colors and detailed features. The sky transitions from deep blue at the top to rich, warm hues near the horizon where the sun is setting. The calm water below reflects the intense colors of the sky and flora, creating a harmonious and enchanting scene.


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Generation Parameters

best quality,high resolution,insane,mosaic style {extremely detalied,ultrareaslitic ethereal artistic sunset fantasy art} . fragmented, assembled, colorful, highly detailed,inspired by Miki Asai huge hyperdetailed busy celesial floral scene
Negative Prompt
girl,woman,female,3d,lowres,lowdigit,worst quality,whole, unbroken, monochrome, low detail
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelZavyChromaXL v7.0
CFG scale6

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