AI generated 3D paper cut art featuring a yellow horse carriage in a green forest, created using Stable Diffusion.

3D paper cut horse carriage

Image Description

A stunning 3D paper cut artwork depicting a yellow horse-drawn carriage traveling through a lush green forest. Towering golden trees with intricate leaves frame the scene, while smaller green plants fill the foreground. The entire composition is set in a wooden shadow box, enhancing the dimensional effect.


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Generation Parameters

3D papercut shadow box of (Dramatic Vector image:1.3) of (Visual novel:1.3),(Satisfying:1.3) Safety Yellow, intricate, beautiful, symmetric,  interconnected regions, elements,   Emerald,      Bronze,   Amethyst, Mosaic, Regular pattern,  Animal, Flower,   Person,  Frame, Branches, wool,  Covered Wagon: A large wagon with a canvas cover, used for long-distance travel.,Green Hematite: Hematite with a greenish tint used as a pigment. <lora:Anime Summer Days Style SDXL_LoRA_Pony Diffusion V6 XL:1>,(by Artist William Holbrook Beard:1.3),(Flat style:1.3),Illustration,Behance,(Tonalism:1.3),(One Color:1.3), Layered, dimensional, depth, silhouette, shadow, papercut, handmade, high contrast
Negative Prompt
painting, drawing, photo, 2D, flat, high detail, blurry, noisy, disfigured, (Watermark:1.5),(Text:1.3),watermark,signature
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5.5

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