Anime drawing of two demon twins with muscular physiques, blue hair, horns, and green eyes, created using Stable Diffusion AI.

Anime Demon Twins with Muscular Physiques

Image Description

Two anime-style demon twins with muscular physiques are depicted side by side. Both have short, spiky blue hair, prominent black horns, and green eyes. They are sweating and blushing, with heart-shaped pupils. The twin on the left has a playful expression, showing fangs, and wearing a black choker with a heart pendant. The other twin, partially dressed in a white t-shirt, has a shy smile. Both have heart-shaped tattoos on their nipples. The background features a fiery, industrial setting with barrels on both sides and flames rising, adding an intense atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

score_9, score_8_up, score_8_up, masterpiece, high quality, hi res, digital painting, soft lighting, 2 boy, (twins), (incubus, incubus tail, short hair, fair skin, black and aqua hair, aqua eyes, heart eyes, earrings, choker, blushing),((demon horns)), heart eyes, hearts floating around, heavy breathing, firefighter, firefighter uniform, covered in soot, soot,nipple piercings, firestation, sweaty, firetruck, sitting on firetruck, white tshirt, bitting on shirt,
Negative Prompt
vagina, female, score_6, score_5, score_4, simple background, bad anatomy, worst quality, bad hands, deformed limbs, blurry, extra foot, extra hands, extra eyes, cross-eyed, speech bubble,, bad proportions, extra arms, extra legs, extra limbs, text, signature, extra navel, watermark, Amputation, merging, Fusing,  boring_sdxl_v1, fox tail, sketch lines, extra fingers, mechanical legs, single mechanical arms, 3d, 3d model, watermark, logo, text, writing, script, letters, alphabet, signature, artist's signature, cutie mark, pants,
ModelPony Diffusion V6 XL V6 (start with this one)
CFG scale10

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