Anime girl with long brown hair wearing a white t-shirt and light blue pants holding a teddy bear. The image is AI generated using stable diffusion.

Anime girl holding teddy bear

Image Description

A young anime girl with long brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt and light blue pants, holds a brown teddy bear close to her chest. She stands inside a room with the door slightly open, looking ahead with a calm and composed expression. The scene is lighted softly, emphasizing the gentle ambiance.


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Generation Parameters

score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up, source_anime, BREAK 1girl, solo, <lora:agnesoblige-pdxl-nvwls-v1-000005:1> defagnes, brown hair, brown eyes, long hair, hairband, white t-shirt, pajama pants, sleepy, holding teddy bear, doorway, indoors, looking at you, medium breasts
Negative Prompt
3d, monochrome
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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