AI generated image of an anime girl with blonde hair, wearing a dark outfit and sitting in an abandoned building with a melancholic expression.

Anime girl in abandoned building

Image Description

A melancholic anime girl with short blonde hair and wearing a dark outfit sits cross-legged on the floor of an abandoned building. She has a contemplative expression, with one hand resting near her chin. The background features cracked walls and plants growing through the cracks, with a misty view of decayed urban structures visible through a broken window.


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Generation Parameters

masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up, source_cartoon, rating_questionable, BREAK, pretty college popular girl, sexy survivor of apocalypse, blonde, apocalyptic setting, dramatic realistic lighting, zombie apocalypse, survivor, resting, sitting on ground, sweat, inside abandoned building, plant overgrowth, makeshift bow, patched backpack, survivor style clothes
Negative Prompt
score_4, score_5, score_6, (lesbians),futanari,extra fingers,distorted hands,distorted fingers, muscular,low quality, lowres, bad anatomy,worst quality, simple background, censored,text,signature,  lineless,watermark,signature, logo, source_anime, FastNegativeEmbedding,  low-quality, moir pattern, downsampling, aliasing, distorted, blurry, glossy, blur, jpeg artifacts, compression artifacts, poorly drawn, low-resolution, bad, distortion, twisted, excessive, exaggerated pose, exaggerated limbs, mixed characters, grainy, symmetrical, duplicate, error, pattern, beginner, pixelated, fake, hyper, glitch, overexposed, high-contrast, bad-contrast, black and white, NegfeetV2, messy, Deformed, Deformed face, Deformed fingers, Deformed hands, Out of frame, Poorly drawn face, Poorly drawn feet, Poorly drawn hands, Draft, Grainy, Kitsch, Low-res, old, sketch, black and white, doujinshi, exaggerated anatomy, horns
SamplerEuler a
ModelPony Diffusion V6 XL V6 (start with this one)
CFG scale6.5

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