AI generated image of an anime girl with long pink hair, wearing a white tank top and black pants with belts in a cyberpunk setting

Anime Girl in Cyberpunk Setting

Image Description

An anime girl with long, flowing pink and black hair stands on a wooden deck, adorned in a white tank top with a heart design and tight black pants accentuated with belts and a heart-shaped belt buckle. She has captivating blue eyes and exudes a confident yet introspective aura. The background showcases a futuristic, cyberpunk atmosphere with softly illuminated lamps and a nighttime sky filled with stars.


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Generation Parameters

(masterpiece:1.2),(high detailed skin:1.1),( high quality:1.1), 
 <lora:mlp_pinkiepie:1>, 1girl, full body, mlppinkiepie, Pinkamena Diane Pie \(mlp\), parted lips, (long hair:1.1), (straight hair:2.5), small breast, wide hips, (detailed eyes:1.2), (heart-shaped_pupils:1.3), detailed hands,
punk clothes, leather jacket, tank top,
night time, trees, old log house, blurry background, <lora:Furtastic_Detailer:1>, steampunkai, <lora:steampunkai:1.4>
Negative Prompt
easynegative, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t,  (badhandv4:1.2),  (bad-hands-5:1.2), text, watermark, signature, label, username, artist name, title, logo, pony ears
SamplerDPM++ 2M
CFG scale8

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