Anime girl with long white hair and purple eyes, wearing a white shirt, and having cat ears. This is an AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Anime Girl with Cat Ears in White Shirt

Image Description

An anime girl with long, flowing white hair adorned with cat ears. She has striking purple eyes and is dressed in a simple, oversized white shirt. Her pose is playful, with her hands raised in a cat-like gesture. The setting appears to be indoors, with soft lighting that highlights her figure. The overall style is typical of modern anime aesthetics, with an emphasis on cute and fantastical elements.


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Generation Parameters

cinematic lighting, best quality, masterpiece, highres, detailed, perfect anatomy, clara \(honkai: star rail\), cat ears, cat tail, oversized shirt, white shirt, paw pose, indoor
Negative Prompt
negative_hand, NegfeetV2, bad anatomy,blurry,(worst quality:1.8),low quality,hands bad,face bad,(normal quality:1.3),bad hands,mutated hands and fingers,extra legs,extra arms,duplicate,cropped,text,jpeg,artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,artist name,trademark,title,multiple view,Reference sheet,long body,multiple breasts,mutated,bad anatomy,disfigured,bad proportions,duplicate,bad feet,artist name,ugly,text font ui,missing limb,monochrome,
SamplerEuler a
ModelAnimagine XL V3.1 v3.1
CFG scale7

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